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  • Non Dairy Creamer for Cereal

Non Dairy Creamer for Cereal


Non Dairy Creamer is a extract of plant fat through high technology. Non-dairy creamer possesses good and emulsified multi-dispersibility to be shaped symmetrical milk liquid. It can improve the inner structure of food and increase fragrance and fat to taste exquisite, tender and milky. 


 For cereal:                                                                                                                                                        1, To make cereal smoother and improve its sence;                                                                                   2, To increase creamy sense and make cereal taste more delicious;                                                       3, To provide vegetable oil and milk protein for products to add nutrition; 

Packing :25kg net weight per craft paper with poly bag liner inner

Storage:Store in dry&sheltered warehouse with good ventilation away from strong odors and direct sunlight

Shelf life: 18 months in original and unopened packaging.

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