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  • Nata De Coco

Nata De Coco


The QQ taste presented by nata granules mainly reside in the full mouthfeel, the elasticity,and the smoothness and slipperiness,which goes far beyond in satisfying consumers than other ingredients in milk tea.  


Feature of Nata De oco

      Nata de coco is a kind of gel-like substance based on cellulose produced from fermentation of unique juice and milk by the bacterium acetobacter xylinum .Milky white in color ,it tastes smooth and slippery ,rich in elasticity and resistance,acid resistance ,PH and light stability.High in cellulose and low in calorie,it’s a new type of natural and health foods as well as ideal source of cellulose ingredient in processed foods.

Product category:

*Acetic acid preserved Nata De Coco

*Sugared Nata De Coco

*Compressed Nata De Coco

Product Specification:

*Acetic acid preserved Nata De Coco and Sugared Nata De Coco: 3x3x3mm, 5x5x5mm,8x8x8mm,10x10x10mm,12x12x12mm,15x15x15mm

* Compressed Nata De Coco: 3x3mm,5x5mm,8x8mm,10x10mm,12x12mm,15x15mm

* Compreseed ratio:  1:5,1:6

Packing: 5kgs/bagx4bags-in carton,  12.5kgs/bagx2bags-in carton or according to customer’s requirement

Storage: avoid Light,High temperature humidity

Shelf life: 12 months in original and unopened packaging.

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