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  • Mango flavor nata de coco

Mango flavor nata de coco


Nata granules rich in cellulose,with various flavors,made through a series of special processing techniques. 



1.       Excellently heat resistant, structure remains elastic and chewy, lasting flavor.

2.       In combination with moon cake ,angel cake, pie,bread,chocolate as well as other baked products,can exhibit original flavor of fruit ,and also chewiness and elasticity.

3.       Available in size of full range ,could be used to cover fruit granules and fruit jams of all fresh fruits,not only stable in color and flavor ,but also effective in deterioration control.Can be used in production lines at large scale.

4.       With the fragrance and color of fresh fruit, nata granules are glittering and limpid, presenting the natural color and full taste of particular fruit.


Product Specification:

* 3x3x3mm, 5x5x5mm,8x8x8mm,10x10x10mm,12x12x12mm,15x15x15mm


Packing: 5kgs/bagx4bags-in carton,  12.5kgs/bagx2bags-in carton or according to customer’s requirement


Storage: avoid Light,High temperature humidity


Shelf life: 12 months in original and unopened packaging.

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